Doing real estate business with Christian integrity is not only fulfilling, but is also fun and energizing. It has transformed many clients over the years into great friends, as well as raving fans that constantly pass on their heartfelt endorsement & recommendation of our real estate services to their friends and family. Truly, the right real estate agent does make all the difference in the world.

Our business principle is simple:  “Do unto others as if I were the others.  Always treat people the way I would like to be treated.”  This is also called The Empathy Principle.

This Empathy Principle is what we live by every single day.  It is also how we do business.  It’s so simple and yet so powerful that this and other biblical principles have transformed our lives, our marriage, our friendships, and our real estate business.

Not only have we been consistent top achievers in the RE/MAX system over the years, but we have also been the top real estate agents of choice for countless families.

It’s not just because of our educational, professional achievements, and experiences that make people want to choose us to be their real estate agent. It is true that we are a RE/MAX Registered Relocation Specialist (RRS), and a consistent RE/MAX Performance Awardee, such as RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement, RE/MAX Hall of Fame, RE/MAX Platinum Club, & RE/MAX 100% Club. I, Michael, have a Masters of Business Administration degree from one of the best universities in the world. And I, Janet, am also educated at a top university. We have had many successful years working in corporate business management and marketing management. These are all important components for success. However, the single most important factor that contributes to a successful business is the character of a person. I believe people choose us as their Realtor of Choice because of who we are. They decide to hire us as their real estate agent based on who we are as people. Character is foremost. Yet, we bring a wealth of experience and competency to our business. We have proven ourselves again and again to be reliable and trustworthy, so that our clients do not hesitate to entrust us with the responsibility of selling one of their greatest assets in life–which is their home, and they do not hesitate to entrust us with the serious responsibility of finding the right home for them.

Over 27 years in the real estate business, and over 35 years of marketing and management experience, this is why we’ve been described as–The Realtors That Friends Recommend to Friends. Friends only want the best for their friends

Traditionally, realtors have spent a large part of their energy, time, and money searching for new business by advertising and soliciting the general public.  In contrast, our focus is on listening, understanding, and fulfilling our clients’ needs.  We devote the majority of our energy and resources to helping people, and seldom in looking for people to help.  We also invest a large amount of time and resources on continuing education, professional and personal development, in order to maintain and enhance the value and the quality of service that we provide for our clients.

Your referrals are so crucial to us and so much appreciated.